2017-04-23 (v1.9.1)

  • Fixed: ARMA2 Game Directory setting was not saved
  • Fixed: ARMA2 Startup parameters would get duplicated over and over

2017-04-01 (v1.9.0 === 1.9.0beta1)

  • Fixed: ARMA3 Platform setting when launching without BattlEye

2017-03-26 (v1.9.0beta0)

  • Added: Support for ARMA3 Platform setting (Default - Prefer 64-bit, Force 32-bit and Force 64-bit)

2017-02-05 (v1.8.0 === 1.8.0beta0)

2017-01-04 (v1.7.15 == 1.7.15.beta0)

  • Added: Enabled local mod upload progress and speed reporting

2016-11-24 (v1.7.13 == 1.7.13.beta2)

  • Fixed: Various small issues Install of content and shutdown
  • Other: Registry and Steam settings are now only queried lazily (when the data is needed)

2016-11-21 (v1.7.12 == 1.7.12.beta0)

  • Other: Improved error handling for server info retrieval
  • Other: Integrated the MS VC++ Redist 2012, 2013 and 2015 instead of using the external VCRedistInstaller, to prevent startup error The specified module can't be found

2016-11-18 (v1.7.11 == 1.7.11.beta0)

  • Fixed: New users could not connect from Chrome/Edge since v1.7

2016-11-16 (v1.7.10 == 1.7.10.beta0)

  • Fixed: Launching ARMA3 when Steam is not yet running (some systems were affected)
  • Fixed: Launching Sync does not seem to progress due to hanging VCRedistInstaller (some systems were affected)

2016-11-06 (v1.7.6)

  • Fixed: Launching of Group content

2016-11-05 (v1.7.5)

  • Fixed: Cache location

2016-11-04 (v1.7.4)

  • Fixed: Startup error on Windows 7

2016-11-04 (v1.7.3)

  • Fixed: Authenticating to the API

2016-11-03 (v1.7.2)

  • Fixed: "My Mods library" appeared empty
  • Fixed: Startup parameter handling

2016-11-02 (v1.7.0 == 1.7.0-beta3)

  • Added: Support for joining servers with withSIX mods and Steam workshop mods

2016-10-15 (v1.7.0-beta0)

  • Added: Prepared support for joining servers with the required mods.
  • Added: Prepared support for Server Browser.
  • Other: Major internal rework for .NET Core/Standard compatibility
  • Other: Replaced API server component; Improved performance, reduced complexity and no more elevation prompt to install certificate/configure ports.

2016-09-10 (v1.6.6 == 1.6.6-beta0)

  • Fixed: Regression in Dependency synchronization
  • Fixed: Regression in Domain event publishing
  • When installing collection, collection would not show as installed after page refresh, but would after restart.
  • Various other UI refresh cases resolved
  • Fixed: Uninstall content for non-steam version of Steam-enabled games
  • Fixed: Restored names for Collections
  • Other: Link user to Game settings upon "Game not found, please configure" message, and allow to retry after configuring
  • Other: Reduced API synchronization download and storage size and synchronization time
  • Other: Reduced setup size by aprox 10 MB
  • Other: Separate API cache to api.cache.db

2016-09-07 (v1.6.5-beta0)

  • Added: Support for No Man's Sky Extender (NMSE) and Extensions
  • Added: Support for No Man's Sky modinfo.xml based mods

2016-09-06 (v1.6.4-beta0)

  • Added: Speed and Progress reporting for external downloads
  • Added: Support for Starbound .modpak mods
  • Fixed: Excessive "Can only perform one action per game" when trying to perform an Install/Update/etc action
  • Fixed: Cancelling External Download dialog did not actually cancel
  • Fixed: Steam mod installation complaining about missing source files; we now await completion properly
  • Other: Improved External download information
  • Other: Improved library responsiveness
  • Other: Improved performance (reduced processing time, reduced CPU usage, reduced metadata downloads, reduced memory usage, reduced disk space, reduced startup time)
  • Other: Reduced delay between clicking Install and Install starting, especially for games with much content

2016-09-02 (v1.6.2-beta0)

  • Added: Support for packing file-based Starbound mods
  • Other: Finish installing other mods even when one or more mods fail installing
  • Other: Improved support for Starbound mods when .pak file is in a subfolder
  • Other: Improved handling of mods which cannot be installed (e.g Tools)
  • Other: Improved handling of cancelled external downloads (e.g because download unavailable)
  • Other: Improved performance to start the Installation process of Mods
  • Other: Improved handling of Client not running/installed behavior

2016-09-01 (v1.6.1-beta2)

  • Added: Indicators for other Sourced content like NoMansSkyMods and Starbound Community
  • Added: Improved detection for GOG and GalaxyClient games
  • Added: Preliminary external download information dialog
  • Added: Starbound Community mods
  • Added: Support for Starbound Community External Downloads
  • Fixed: Using supported games without Steam
  • Other: Improved external downloads

2016-08-28 (v1.5.9, v1.6.0-beta1)

  • Other: Improved error handling and informing, especially for the 'tmp.node' error


  • Added: Preliminary No Man's Sky and NoMansSkyMods.com support

2016-08-27 (v1.6.0-beta0)

  • Added: Support for external file downloads

2016-08-26 (v1.5.8)

  • Fixed: Updated MS Visual C++ Redistributable installer to fix issue installing the 2015 version

2016-08-22 (v1.5.5 == v1.5.5-beta0)

  • Added: Integrated Galleries, External Descriptions and Interesting links
  • Added: Support for Steam Workshop content
  • Added: Support for Starbound, Stellaris and preliminary support for Skyrim

2016-08-21 (v1.4.0 == v1.4.0-beta0)

2016-08-08 (v1.3.9, v1.5.0-beta1)

  • Fixed: Loading library content pages with loads of content could lead to error


  • Fixed: The save button does not appear after making another change after saving previous changes
  • Fixed: "Updated site version" available message and refresh handling
  • Other: Improved performance of opening and operating the Quick Library and Playlist
  • Other: Improved performance of collections in general

2016-07-23 (v1.4.0-beta0)

  • Fixed: Various small issues in the Playlist editor
  • Added: Support for adding Collections inside Collections

2016-07-22 (v1.3.3 == 1.3.3-beta0)

  • Fixed: Possible lockup when .NET Framework 4.6 not installed
  • Other: Improved Visual Studio C++ runtime components installer


  • Fixed: Installing ARMA2 content from the ARMA3 section mod detail page would result in trying to install the content to ARMA2, not ARMA3.
  • Added: Content functions to the detail pages of Mods, Collections and Missions (as you are acustomed to from the Library and Index pages)
  • Other: Various performance and reliability improvements especially to the detail pages of Mods, Collections and Missions.

2016-07-16 (v1.3.1 == 1.3.1-beta5)

2016-07-15 (PWS v1.69)

Play withSIX:

  • Fixed: Various login/logout issues
  • Fixed: Visual C++ Runtime 2015 installation
  • Other: Improved Stability, reliability and Performance
  • Other: Improved Exit from trayicon reliability

Now requires Windows 7 or later and .NET Framework 4.6

2016-07-10 (v1.3.1beta0)

  • Fixed: Avatar uploads
  • Fixed: Forum was inaccessible
  • Fixed: Visual C++ Runtime 2015 installation
  • Other: Improved startup time
  • Other: Improved Windows Notifications and Toast compatibility
  • Other: Reduced footprint (disk-space, memory)
  • Other: Switched to new CDN endpoints for the Client
  • Other: Updated to Electron 1.2.7


  • Fixed: Account activation would often timeout
  • Fixed: Various issues with the Registration form
  • Other: Improved error pages and handling
  • Other: Improved redirect behavior and informing
  • Other: Switched to new CDN endpoints for the Website


  • Other: Improved Collection Content Editing controls
  • Other: Improved Add Mod dialog validation (existing Name or Folder Name)
  • Other: Many small improvements to the Login and Registration experience

2016-06-28 (v1.2.8beta0)

  • Fixed: NullReferenceException after closing the launched game

2016-06-17 (v1.2.7 == 1.2.7beta0)

  • Fixed: Could get stuck at 'Cleaning' stage
  • Other: Equalized the functionality of cards on the Collection Contents, and the Me/UserProfile Index pages of Collections, Mods and Missions, witth the Library/QL/Playlist

2016-06-15 (v1.2.6 == 1.2.6beta0)

  • Added: Delete collection action replaces Uninstall, and optionally asks to Uninstall the content
  • Other: Equalized the functionality of cards on the Stream and Index pages of Collections, Mods and Missions, with the Library/QL/Playlist

2016-06-14 (v1.2.4-beta9)

  • Fixed: Collections created from playlist would always be created as Private regardless of scope selection
  • Fixed: [client] Don't touch .synqinfo, .rsync, .git or .svn
  • Other: [client] Basic Taskbar tasks

2016-06-13 (v1.2.4-beta7)

  • Added: Open config folder action for mods

2016-06-12 (v1.2.4-beta6)

  • Added: [client] Install the BIKeys of Arma mods upon Install/Update/Diagnose action, when Launch as Dedicated Server is enabled
  • Added: [client] Launch as Administrator support, configurable per game
  • Added: [client] Url handler for installing and/or launching content. Format: syncws://{gameId:guid|shortId}?content={contentId:guid|shortId}&task={task} e.g to Install and Launch ACE3: syncws://9DE199E3-7342-4495-AD18-195CF264BA5B?content=etoMALy4W0ih7UzPe8PYRQ&task=install&task=launch add &silent=1 to skip opening SyncUI/browser
  • Fixed: Client download link no longer causes double download (also by countdown)
  • Fixed: Client download link no longer uses 301 Moved Permanently redirects, but 302, so that browsers don't cache the redirect
  • Fixed: [client] Unloading of SyncUI when using system browser
  • Other: [client] Improved reliability of the VC-Redist installer
  • Other: [client] Setting the port by startup parameter will save the port and use it until overriden again by the startup parameter

2016-06-11 (v1.2.4-beta0)

  • Fixed: [client] Error when trying to launch the game while Steam is not detected
  • Other: [client] Improved error handling and provided error info
  • Other: [client] Improved how quickly the app window loads to a usable state
  • Other: Improved website loading behavior

2016-06-10 (v1.1.21, v1.2.3-beta7)

  • Fixed: [client] Delete collection when only available online
  • Fixed: [client] Login/logout/redirection loop
  • Fixed: Login/logout/redirection issues. Redirect to last page on logout.
  • Fixed: [client] Mark a collection as installed if all it's content was found installed.
  • Fixed: [client] Missing whitespace between stage progress reporting in Window title
  • Other: [client] Detect running game instances by directory, not just the exe name. Solves mis-detecting running instances for games in different folders.

2016-06-09 (v1.1.18, v1.2.3-beta2)

  • Added: Support for loading subscribed collections into the Playlist, with 'Save as copy' requirement to start editing.
  • Fixed: [client] Auto start with windows should use update.exe so always the latest version
  • Fixed: [client] First startup parameter is ignored, e.g --hide or --port 4141
  • Fixed: [client] AppUserModelId for pre-release versions (for shortcut pinning, icons etc)
  • Fixed: Zero bytes size display for detail pages etc.
  • Other: Applied amount formatting to forgotten places
  • Other: [client] Beta icon is now orange
  • Other: [client] Cleanup window title
  • Other: [client] Enabled delta patches for software updates
  • Other: Initial adjustment to SEMVER. Will be fully in-line as of v1.3.0 and later.

2016-06-08 (v1.1.15, v1.2.1-beta)

  • Added: [client] Support for --port=xxxx startup parameter, incase you wish to use an alternative port, or e.g run multiple instances on the same (server) system.
  • Fixed: [client] Error dialog result during startup was ignored and left the client running in the background
  • Fixed: [client] Failure to configure the API ports, especially on systems where Firefox is installed
  • Other: [client] Cleanup unnecessary .synq objects on first install/update/diagnosing of content
  • Other: [client] Improved handling of the 'API ports in use' error (added more info and an option to retry)
  • Other: Mod detail pages and cards in index pages now show the latest most stable version, while displaying newer dev versions in tooltip (On hover)

Example: To use startup parameters through the update.exe: Update.exe --processStart Sync.exe "--process-start-args=--port=48551"

2016-06-06 (v1.1.14-beta)

  • Added: Unsupported OS check; Show informative error dialog when OS is Vista or older.
  • Fixed: ARMA3 @cup and @rh_m4_a3 wrong version information
  • Fixed: [client] Certain collections jump back to 'Update Available' state, even after updating..
  • Fixed: [client] Error when trying to display error dialog in early stage of startup
  • Fixed: State of the content within collection content pages when version locked
  • Other: [client] Add dates to Playlist names for Recent list, and no longer save "Update all" entries
  • Other: [client] Add tiny 'Cleaning' stage at the end of Downloading
  • Other: Add "Toggle in playlist" to menu actions of items
  • Other: [client] Also include compression and copying of existing files into realtime progress and speed
  • Other: [client] Improved processing speed handling
  • Other: [client] Renamed 'Processing' back to 'Downloading' for now
  • Other: Renamed 'Update all' to 'Available updates' as action name
  • Other: [client] Tried to improve reliability of Firefox certificate handling

2016-06-06 (v1.1.5-beta)

  • Added: 'Open Folder' action to games and installed content.
  • Fixed: [client] Accidentally redownloading a file when it already existed, while a compressed version also existed
  • Other: [client] Also include decompression of files into realtime progress and speed
  • Other: [client] Improved fetching package info performance
  • Other: [client] Improved download performance further when existing files are involved
  • Other: [client] Abort content installation on Self update initiation
  • Other: Improved dropdown menus for games

2016-06-05 (v1.1.3-beta)

You can download the Sync BETA alongside the stable release from The download page make sure you close Sync before installing

  • Fixed: [client] .NET 4.6 check was notifying in the console, instead of in a message box, and therefore invisible.
  • Other: [client] Detect Cygwin environment errors and handle them appropriately (incl fall back to casual http downloads if we have to)
  • Other: [client] Hide speed indicator while not downloading
  • Other: [client] Major performance improvements when checking, downloading and updating mods
  • Other: [client] No longer use double disk-space (no longer keeping compressed files)

2016-06-04 (v1.0.22)

  • Added: Information dialog on Checksum and CompressedFile errors (local corruption, security suite/proxy interfeirence, and direction to try Diagnose action)
  • Fixed: [client] Array out of bounds opportunity in Extraction stage
  • Fixed: Proper error messages instead of 'undefined'
  • Fixed: State of the playlist and items in the playlist when version locked
  • Fixed: [client] Sync would suggest to update to alpha/beta updates while a stable version is actually available
  • Other: Improved clickability of dropdown menu items
  • Other: Improved error messages when requested Content or Game not found
  • Other: [client] Improved file extraction progress reporting and perception
  • Other: Improved handling of actions when game is not detected as installed
  • Other: Improved message and error dialogs (formatting, links)
  • Other: [client] Improved performance on continueing paused or failed downloads
  • Other: [client] Improved speed and progress accuracy on retry of download failures
  • Other: Tweaked obsolete client version detection and reporting

2016-06-03 (v1.0.15)

  • Added: "Load into Playlist" collection menu item (Quick and Home Library)
  • Added: [client] Support for Launching as Dedicated Server (ARMA3/2)
  • Fixed: [client] No longer throws error when rapidly trying to open multiple instances of the Sync client
  • Other: [client] Improved fatal error info
  • Other: [client] Improved fetching package and repository info performance (First half of the "Preparing" stage when installing/updating mods)
  • Other: [client] Improved file extraction progress reporting
  • Other: Improved Firefox support

2016-06-0 (v1.0.7)

  • Added: Obsolete client notice
  • Fixed: [client] Auto updates
  • Fixed: [client] ChecksumException on certain mod updates (Zsync could silently fail updating files)
  • Fixed: [client] Prevent navigating away from platform
  • Other: [client] Don't copy existing files in preparation of update but use Zsync's capability of specifying old files
  • Other: [client] Improved detection of Zsync errors: Don't invalidate a host when there's actually a local program error.
  • Other: [client] Improved Preparing and Downloading state (Calculating changes is now part of Preparing instead of Downloading)
  • Other: Improved Firefox security exception info
  • Other: [client] Improved Zsync stability
  • Other: Increased available bandwidth for downloads
  • Other: [client] Reduced logging noise
  • Fixed: Button light up on hover, instead of darken
  • Fixed: Hide action icon when busy spinner is shown in Quick Library and Playlist items
  • Fixed: Missing menu on Download page
  • Fixed: New collection installation from within the Quick and Home Libraries
  • Fixed: Prevent Sync UI to navigate away from our platform

2016-05-31 (v1.0)

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  • v1.0 reboot!

A clean slate!