• [PWS] Fix: Custom repository mod status
  • [PWS] Improve: Custom repository mod downloads and handling of failures (more graceful)
  • [PWS] Improve: Premium downloads and reliability
  • [Sync] Fix: Various game directory validation errors
  • [Sync] Improve: Premium downloads and reliability
  • [Web] Fix: Premium orders
  • [Web] Improve: Login, logout and redirection between SSL and non SSL
  • [Web] Improve: Entering and confirmation of email address for 3rd party login services that do not provide email addresses
  • [Web] Improve: Navigating to me/settings, and switching between SSL and non SSL
  • [Web] Improve: Search results and performance


  • [Sync] Add: BattlEye launching support for new ARMA2OA Patch
  • [Sync] Add: Support for GTA-V x-mas patch 6, 7, 8
  • [Sync] Improve: ScriptHookV version detection and informing the user to get the latest
  • [PWS] Add: BattlEye launching support for new ARMA2OA Patch
  • [Web] Fix: Listing of incomplete mod updates in version selectors
  • [Web] Add: Support for ARMA2OA BattlEye configuration option


  • [Sync] Fix: Updating mods which only have two versions
  • [Web] Fix: Scrollability and sizing of Dependencies in the Selector
  • [Web] Fix: Missing "Add To / Remove From Playlist" button on Mod detail pages
  • [Web] Fix: Mods showing falsely in Processing (upload)... state
  • [Web] Fix: Mod information (e.g dependencies) could be lost from detail pages when the mod was loaded in Playlist or Selector
  • [Web] Fix: Speed/Progress tooltip on selector
  • [Web] Improve: Remove Upload Queue when not uploading
  • [Web] Improve: Sorting of Mod version history


  • [Web] Fix: Uptodate state of mods
  • [Sync] Fix: 'Cannot find source' error on valid mods
  • [Sync] Fix: Saving Sync settings on the website
  • [Sync] Fix: Various crashes and errors. Improved stability


  • [Web] Fix: Display of installed vs latest mod version in library etc.
  • [Web] Fix: Display of available updates in library home sections.
  • [Sync] Fix: The maintenance of the installed and uptodate state of mods.
  • [Web] Add: "Add to Collection(s)" button for Mods in the indexes and Stream


  • [Web] Improve: Display and handling of A2 mods in A3


  • [Web] Add: "Add to Collection(s)" menu entry and dialog for Mods in the Library and Collection content editor


  • [Sync] Add: Support for loading A2 mods in A3 through AllInArma
  • [Web] Add: Support for enabling Compatible Mods (A2 in A3 through AllInArma) in the Mods index and Collection content editor
  • [Web] Add: Support for accessing the Sync General and Game settings from your library


  • [PWS] Fix: Applied bandaids for random crashes around startup, collection editing, or published/subscribed collection synchronization


  • [Sync] Improve: Scan for removed mod folders on: Start, Game switch, Save settings.
  • [Sync] Add: Ability to Install/Upgrade and Uninstall the Windows Explorer extension for mod uploads.
  • [Web] Add: Diagnose to the bottom action menu of any Content card within the Library.
  • [Web] Add: Fork to the top menu of Collection cards within the Library.


  • [Web] Add: Collection forking feature


  • [Sync] Add: Support for uploading and syncing mods to the withSIX network
  • [PWS] Fix: Login was not retained across restarts or page reloads
  • [PWS] Fix: Unsubscribing from collections resulted in Not Connected error
  • [PWS] Other: Opening links in internal browser no longer causes full page refresh for withSIX platform


  • [PWS] Fix: Change the login system to use the web's login. Prevents logout and desync issues.
  • [Sync] Fix: Change the login system to use the web's login. Prevents logout and desync issues.


  • [PWS] Fix: The wrong collection version (not latest) could be used
  • [Web] Fix: Order the collection versions sequentially when sent to the client


  • [Web] Fix: Server port was increasing on every collection save
  • [PWS] Fix: Server port vs Query port mess; custom repository server.yml now requires the server port (e.g 2302), no longer the query port (e.g 2303).


  • [Web] Fix: Unwaranted 'site down' errors when refresh token became invalid
  • [Web] Fix: Can't connect to or update Sync client


  • [Web] Other: Prepare Queue support
  • [Sync] Other: prepare Queue support


  • [Web] Improved: Individual item state handling
  • [Web] Improved: Item installing/updating state and progress
  • [Sync] Fix: Collection status after installation


  • [PWS] Fix: Login issues
  • [PWS] Other: Removal of contact list and chats, see the announcement
  • [Web] Fix: Content filter suggestions were not shown
  • [Web] Fix: Playlist behavior when no content used
  • [Web] Improve: Playlist height
  • [Web] Improve: Playlist placeholder image behavior
  • [Web] Improve: The name field in the Create Collection dialog now tells you in realtime if you already have a collection with that name

In case you run into issues trying to update PWS to the latest version, please download again from our website.


  • [Web] Fix: Category/Tag filtering
  • [Web] Fix: Content action button on small layout
  • [Web] Fix: Minor styling fixes
  • [Web] Fix: Missing icon for "No Client" state
  • [Web] Improve: Add default playlist placeholder icon
  • [Web] Improve: Add tag behavior
  • [Web] Improve: Added ability to remove recent items
  • [Web] Improve: Client reconnect handling
  • [Web] Improve: Client update state transitioning
  • [Web] Improve: Download client information popup incl Firefox hint
  • [Web] Improve: Search filter behavior
  • [Sync] Improve: Added ability to remove recent items
  • [Sync] Improve: Added ability to enable diagnostics logging and easy access to the logs


  • [Web] Improve: Added ability to launch vanilla game when playlist is empty
  • [Web] Improve: Change name of 'Unsaved playlist' to just 'Playlist'
  • [Web] Improve: Multi-line truncation in Playlist and Collection Dependencies


  • [Web] Improve: Changelog unification
  • [Web] Improve: Pluralization


  • [Web] Fix: Bug with removing playlist items that were added from the Stream
  • [Web] Fix: Collapsed Action Bar selector and Playlist still blocked control of items
  • [Web] Fix: Collection state display in Collection index
  • [Web] Fix: Status color of not yet installed items should be blue
  • [Web] Fix: Update button on content in library showed Install instead
  • [Web] Improve: Collection edit pane improvements
  • [Web] Improve: Display dependencies in Playlist
  • [Web] Improve: Display dependencies for single items in Action Bar Selector
  • [Web] Improve: Display size of mods in playlist and for dependencies
  • [Web] Improve: Playlist and Selector expansions now only grow in height as much as needed.

2015-11-03 [PWS: 1.68 Fix2]

  • [Sync] Improve: Added Launch action to subscribed collections with servers, so you can just launch (vs join, vs play (update+join))
  • [Sync] Improve: Added Launch action to other content, so you can just launch (vs play (update+launch))
  • [Sync] Improve: Setup and Update experience, fixing various minor issues
  • [Web] Fix: Send Server Port instead of Query port to clients
  • [Web] Fix: Fix change game selector in library no longer reloads website
  • [Web] Improve: Performing an action on a collection now subscribes to the collection
  • [PWS] Fix: Sync / Client / Action bar functionality was accesible in the inngrated browser
  • [PWS] Fix: Adjustment for Collection Servers port change
  • [PWS] Improve: Include VCRedist 2012 and 2013 for CEFSharp and V8.


  • [Sync] Fix: Microsoft Visual Studio pre-requisites are now included with the setup
  • [Sync] Fix: Port exceptions required to start Sync or use it from the website, on certain localized Windows versions
  • [Web] Fix: Website would not load when invalid authentication data was present
  • [Web] Fix: Collection detail page now shows appropriate action based on state (e.g Launch)

2015-10-31 [Sync: 1.0.1 BETA]

  • [Sync] Fix: collections state so that they can be launched from web.
  • [Web] Fix: Collections did not show Launch action even when installed.
  • [Web] Fix: There was no install/update button available on mods when they were installed but updates available.
  • [Web] Change: Install now says Update when updates are available.


  • [Sync] Fix: Various custom repository collection fixes
  • [Web] Improve: Many small styling fixes and improvements to the Edit Collection area
  • [Web] Improve: Version ordering in version selector


  • [Sync] Fix: Various custom repository collection fixes
  • [Web] Improve: Edit mode behavior for various collection editing pages
  • [Web] Improve: Many small styling fixes and improvements to the Action Bar and Playlist
  • [Web] Improve: Show item state in playlist
  • [Web] Improve: General Dialog styling and sizing improvements
  • [Web] Improve: General dropdown/context menu styling improvements
  • [Web] Improve: Logout brings you back to the site


  • [Sync] Fix: Various custom repository collection fixes
  • [Web] Improve: General dropdown/context menu behavior improvements
  • [Web] Improve: Login retainment

2015-10-26 [Sync: 1.0.0 BETA]

  • [Sync/Web] Initial Release

2015-10-12 [PWS: 1.68 Fix]

  • [PWS] Fix: Integrated site and login (Replaced integrated Awesomium browser with CEFSharp)


March 28, 2015

  • Added: Full OAuth/OpenID Connect endpoint
  • Added: Support for Twitch and Reddit logins
  • Other: Replaced login flow with new OIDC flow

March 18, 2015

  • Fixed: Publishing new missions
  • Other: Improved authentication aspects

January 28, 2015

  • Other: Improved Web and API performance and reliability

January 22, 2015

  • Fixed: Duplication of email and client notifications

December 18, 2014

  • Added: New Header for Mods, Missions and Collections; Lean, Mean and Athmospheric
  • Added: Support for locked versions of mods within Collections

November 16, 2014

  • Fixed: Breadcrumbs updates on navigation for SPA
  • Fixed: Collection search queries
  • Other: Improved document (tab) title handling for SPA
  • Other: Moved Dependents and Collections to Related Tab
  • Other: Moved Order system to main withSIX site
  • Other: Reimplmented microdata for Facebook and Twitter, on Posts, Collections, Mods and Missions

November 15, 2014

  • Other: Improved search engine crawl- and readability of our pages
  • Other: Major improvements to rendering performance of many pages, up to 5x
  • Other: Only show Related tabs when there is actual related content
  • Other: Performance improvements for content index pages

November 14, 2014

  • Fixed: Subscribe/Follow and Unsubscribe/Unfollow
  • Other: No longer do a page reload when coming from a static page to SPA

November 13, 2014

  • Other: Converted most of our pages to SPA (Single Page Application)

November 2, 2014

  • Added: Inline editing support of Mod pages for authors
  • Added: New editor for making beautiful Mod, Mission and Collection descriptions and Blog posts
  • Added: Improved Commenting system with Edit and Delete (archive) support
  • Fixed: Various login and remember-me issues with Social sign-in accounts
  • Other: Improved infinite scroll behavior of content pages
  • Other: Improved performance of Mod pages

October 13, 2014

  • Fixed: Error 500 on social sign-in when session expired and fingerprint lost
  • Fixed: You are no longer required to also enter password change info when switching two-factor settings
  • Other: Changing account password now revokes remember-me cookies and requires the user to login again
  • Other: Enabled cookie abuse warning notification and behavior again this time with improved heuristics to prevent false-positives
  • Other: Replaced login dialog with more compact and appealing version

October 10, 2014

  • Added: Redirect support for when a mod was moved to another game, or when it supports multiple games
  • Added: Support for login by Twitter, Microsoft Account and Github.

October 8, 2014

  • Added: Support for linking multiple social sign-in accounts with the same withSIX account
  • Added: Uppercase support for User profile and Content slugs
  • Added: UTF8 support for slugs
  • Fixed: Registering through google login provider could lead to having a username with just random numbers depending on character set used in google account.

October 2, 2014

  • Fixed: Avatar refresh issues on new avatar upload / switch between Gravatar and custom avatar.
  • Fixed: Cookie login for HTTP users; redirects to HTTPS to login again
  • Fixed: Logout of client due to HTTP usage on initial pageload
  • Fixed: Me/Profile content pages
  • Fixed: Mission publishing issues
  • Fixed: Various error 500's because of minor concurrency issues
  • Other: Improved Mission publishing form feedback
  • Other: Improved loading of S.I.R hubs (CDN)

September 26, 2014

  • Added: Optional TwoFactor authentication by Email
  • Fixed: Cookie security false-positives
  • Fixed: Interaction with the client (e.g when subscribing to collections)
  • Other: API is back on standard SSL port 443
  • Other: Assets are now delivered from worldwide CDN
  • Other: Major optimizations to hosting platform

September 18, 2014

  • Introduced Premium! Go Premium
  • Major experience and technology overhaul for:
  • Login, Register, Finalize, Activate and Forgot Password pages
  • User settings pages
  • Profile pages
  • Mission publishing and editing
  • Stay logged-in, require entering password when changing sensitive data
  • Emails
  • Form feedback
  • Page loading indicators; at the top and at the position where content is loading
  • Overall performance and smoothness
  • Authored content displayed on User Profiles and Me section
  • Improved Header and general space optimization
  • Much improved browsing of Mods, Missions, and Collections, incl advanced filtering, and improved search.
  • New URL format for Missions and Mods (SHORT-ID/FULL-NAME-SLUG), putting them in line with collections.
  • Added ability to report/flag content (e.g inappropriate, violates license/terms, etc)
  • Improved ability for authors to claim their own content, in preparation of giving authors access to manage their own content metadata and later also the data itself


1.68 BETA (June 14, 2015)

  • Added: Support for new BattlEye launching requirements
  • Fixed: Plugin installation

1.67.2 (May 20, 2015)

No changes to BETA2

1.67.2 BETA2 (May 20, 2015)

  • Fixed: Custom repo collection publishing
  • Other: Improved stability

1.67.2 BETA (May 10, 2015)

  • Added: Support for making mods required or optional within a collection
  • Added: Support for publishing collections with custom repositories and servers, including version locking of mods

1.67 BETA3 (May 7, 2015)

  • Fixed: ACRE/TS plugin processing for custom repositories

1.67 BETA3 (May 7, 2015)

  • Fixed: ACRE/TS plugin processing for custom repositories

1.67 BETA2 (April 30, 2015)

  • Added: Multi selection context menu entries for Collections
  • Fixed: ACRE/TS plugin processing for custom repositories
  • Fixed: Multi selection context menu entries did not properly reflect selection depending on Card vs Data view
  • Other: Default game on first time startup is now the newest game, detected as installed
  • Other: Improved "Syncing" time for subsequent uses
  • Other: Improved collection switching performance
  • Other: Improved overall performance
  • Other: Improved overall stability

1.67 BETA (April 16, 2015)

  • Added: Support for new BattlEye requirements
  • Fixed: Self-Update Progress reporting
  • Fixed: Restart client after Self-Update
  • Other: Improved ACRE/TS dll handling

1.66.13 (May 7, 2015)

  • Added: Support for new ARMA 3 BattlEye exe
  • Fixed: Steam legacy for ARMA 3

1.66.12 (April 5, 2015)

  • No change to BETA

1.66.12 BETA (April 5, 2015)

  • Fixed: Login dialog compatiblity with several keyboard languages

1.66.11 (April 3, 2015)

  • Other: More login recovery improvements

1.66.11 BETA (April 2, 2015)

  • Other: Improved login recovery when the login token is expired or invalid

1.66.10 (March 28, 2015)

  • Added: Support for the new withSIX login flow

1.66.9 (March 18, 2015)

  • No change to BETA2

1.66.9 BETA2 (March 18, 2015)

  • Added: Singapore premium server support
  • Other: Updated 3rd party libraries

1.66.9 BETA (February 27, 2015)

  • Added: Unverified state for network supported content that are not yet converted

1.66.8 (February 26, 2015)

  • No change to BETA

1.66.8 BETA (Feburary 26, 2015)

  • Fixed: Alignment of Collection selected items header
  • Fixed: Missing xinput dll for Awesomium would crash the app on startup on certain systems (especially Windows Server)
  • Fixed: Toggling Enabled status of Mod in Collection in Data mode.
  • Fixed: Tray notification close commands

1.66.7 (February 25, 2015)

  • No change to BETA3

1.66.7 BETA3 (February 24, 2015)

  • Fixed: Add image to Collection would not close the popup after processing
  • Fixed: Several crash opportunities
  • Other: Improved "Add repo" progress and failure handling
  • Other: Removed unclear "Share selected X" contact context menu actions

1.66.7 BETA2 (February 23, 2015)

  • Fixed: Connect context menus
  • Fixed: Connect overlays not working (e.g Add Member to Group)
  • Other: Added multi-selection menu support for Collections folder

1.66.7 BETA (February 20, 2015)

  • Fixed: Several crash opportunities
  • Other: Initial addressing of black menubar (replaced by toolbar in the header)

1.66.6 (Feburary 17, 2015)

  • Added: "Diagnose and repair synq repository" Diagnostics option in Game Settings
  • Added: Support for uninstalling the Configuration Data on Squirrel-based uninstall
  • Fixed: Checksum error when downloading from Custom Repository

1.66.5 (Feburary 16, 2015)

  • Added: Initial support for option to disable 'Keep compressed files' to save diskspace
  • Fixed: Initial license dialog appearance
  • Fixed: New available mods would not appear available in the client
  • Other: Default pack-path for legacy SixZsync mods is now .synq\legacy.pack
  • Other: Improved image scaling

1.66.4 (Feburary 14, 2015)

  • Fixed: Several crash opportunities
  • Other: Http download timeouts no longer show up as error dialog but are silently retried
  • Other: Improved spacing between library labels

1.66.3 (February 13, 2015)

  • No change to BETA5

1.66.3 BETA5 (February 12, 2015)

  • Added: Folder view for Built-In, Collections, Local and Online Library groups
  • Fixed: Abort in-progress transfers
  • Fixed: pws:// url handler when actions are involved
  • Other: Disabled the improved modal dialogs
  • Other: Improved handling of detail view on the right for selected mods in the Collection tree

1.66.3 BETA4 (Feburary 11, 2015)

  • Added: Support for multi-selection context menu
  • Fixed: Missing tray icon..
  • Fixed: Several crash opportunities
  • Other: Aborting in-progress transfers now works also for classic http/ftp downloads
  • Other: Improved transfer abortion
  • Other: Improved zsync classic http fallback diagnostic logging

1.66.3 BETA2 (Feburary 10, 2015)

  • Fixed: "Unsupported: Verifying download..." exception
  • Other: Prepared Content Engine

1.66.3 BETA1 (February 9, 2015)

  • Fixed: Several random crash opportunities
  • Fixed: Subscribing to a collection leads to error
  • Other: Improved Add Collection and Add Repo popups
  • Other: Improved memory usage
  • Other: Improved modal dialogs
  • Other: Improved module transitions

1.66.2 (February 2, 2015)

  • No change to BETA4

1.66.2 BETA4 (February 2, 2015)

  • Other: Disable Signal-R connection when not logged in
  • Other: More Signal-R optimizations

1.66.2 BETA3 (February 1, 2015)

  • Fixed: Trying to install a mission while another mission is installing would result not only in Busy message but also Exception dialog
  • Fixed: Mission bottom bar menus had wrong state until opened context menu
  • Other: Cache premium info so temporary API connectivity issues do not affect the experience
  • Other: Include PwS shared tool log files in diagnostic log package

1.66.2 BETA2 (February 1, 2015)

  • Fixed: Dependencies icon missing from Mods outside collections
  • Other: Improved download process monitoring; less memory use and better output parsing

1.66.2 BETA (January 31, 2015)

  • Other: Software update notifications open 'Check for Updates' flyout when clicked
  • Other: Cache is now vacuum'ed on close
  • Other: Images are now cached for 30 days
  • Other: Card view now resizes cards according to available width
  • Other: Library grouping now sizes around the items, instead of each group sharing the same size as the largest available group
  • Other: Many small UI enhancements

+Squirrel installer test

1.66.1 (January 28, 2015)

  • Fixed: Crash opportunity when removing mod from collection
  • Fixed: Mission bottom button bar would show the wrong entries when multiple selected
  • Fixed: Overlapping Connect shadow separator over certain buttons
  • Other: Improved reliability
  • Other: Minor spacing tweaks
  • Other: Much improved zsync diagnostic logging capabilities
  • Other: Much improved zsync download behavior

1.66 (January 25, 2015)

  • Added: Diagnostics menu to Settings flyout with new 'Enable diagnostic mode' and 'Save logs' actions
  • Added: More colors to choose from for Settings profiles
  • Fixed: Custom repository config.yml imports
  • Fixed: Missing Visual c++ runtime components
  • Fixed: Overlapping text in Featured section
  • Fixed: Window would be stuck as 'top most' after restoring the window after minimizing it
  • Other: Optimized space used by list view

1.61 BETA (January 22, 2015) Build 935.4

  • Added: Multi-column support for Games, Mods, Missions and Server Browser (note: 'Use Server Grid when Maximize' setting overrides this)
  • Added: Collection content as children in the Library tree items
  • Added: Grid view support for all Libraries, not just Servers
  • Added: Standard level of metadata available now for Missions
  • Added: Support for launching dedicated servers while only SteamCMD is used
  • Added: Support for multi-selection of Mods to drag and drop onto Collections
  • Added: Support for publishing Custom Repo collections [so can now combine custom repo content, with shared collections incl version locking]
  • Added: Custom repo warning dialog on add, mentioning how withSIX is not responsible for the content, nor the quality of the connection / experience
  • Fixed: Double-click tray icon to restore or minimize the application window
  • Fixed: Inline edit pencil could move out of screen
  • Fixed: Searching libraries before they are loaded will no longer break search, and now will commence search once the library is loaded
  • Fixed: Several crash opportunities
  • Other: Always apply userconfig updates, after making a backup for the user
  • Other: Improved search reliability
  • Other: Refresh button up top now also acts in Server Browser.
  • Other: Refresh button up top will turn into Abort for web browser and server browser
  • Other: Replaced file system caches for user, secure, local, image and api caches with sqlite databases for increased performance, tidyness and managability
  • Other: Selecting an item in the library no longer pushes other items down
  • Other: Server list shows servers again even if custom repo active
  • Other: Sorting downloads by progress in the download flyout
  • Other: IronFront patches now make use of the standard content network like synq packages
  • Other: Applied most recent Icon pack
  • Other: Download status/progress is now a bottom-flyout
  • Other: You can now manually switch between List and Grid modes for Libraries (Auto switch turned off by default for new users)
  • Other: Preparations for addressing core UI issues.
  • The window title and home button made place for navigation dropdown menu. The withSIX icon is now the home button
  • Buttons now behave as you expect from Windows desktop applications, no longer needing to show a 'hand' icon like is rather usual on websites instead.
  • Improved flyout inverse-theming
  • Improved settings flyouts
  • Standardized popup menu behaviors
  • Other: Flyouts are now animated
  • Other: Touched up the datagrids
  • Other: Refresh actions now show animated loading icon

1.60 (December 22, 2014) Build 904.2

  • Added: --portable startup switch to use data folders next to the executable

1.59 BETA (December 18, 2014) Build 903.1

  • Other: Improved content size display incl Unpacked size on hover tooltip
  • Other: Improved image upload error handling like File Size requirements

1.59 BETA (December 18, 2014) Build 901.1

  • Added: Support for locking mod versions within Collections
  • Other: Selecting a Collection will automatically activate it for use
  • Other: Improved display of status and version info per Mod
  • Other: Much improved content metadata sync freshness, caching and reduced data usage
  • Other: Preparations to improve integration of website and client functionality

1.58 (November 2, 2014) Build 854.2

  • Added: Support for the new withSIX Content APIs

1.55 BETA (October 8, 2014) build 829.1

  • Added: Support for IronFront for ARMA3, and new patches for ARMA2CO
  • Fixed: Latest Flash url

1.54 (September 18, 2014) build 809.2

1.53 BETA (September 14, 2014) build 805.1

  • Added: Support for AllInArma Terrain packs
  • Added: Support for AllInArma Standalone
  • Fixed: Inputting characters like @ was broken on integrated browser; temporary disabled browser hardware accelleration again
  • Fixed: Network mods metadata didn't update until restart
  • Other: Improved authentication with website and API handling
  • Other: Improved notification center
  • Other: Updated GeoIP database

1.52 (August 7, 2014) build 767.4

  • Added: Ability to add custom image or re-generate auto-generated image
  • Added: Improved configuration of A2/Free in case of CO
  • Added: Support for reading custom game location from Steam config
  • Added: Support for setting priority during launch
  • Fixed: BIKey processing in store\keys subfolder
  • Fixed: Catch not-found error when unsubscribing from collection that is no longer available
  • Fixed: Copy to clipboard Unicode encoding
  • Fixed: Crashes related to lists and threading
  • Fixed: Open mod folder in Explorer
  • Fixed: IronFront issues (except for 1.63 support)
  • Fixed: Old awesomium version requirement by withSIX-Updater and SelfUpdater tools
  • Fixed: Right-click options in Collection sharing and other dialogs
  • Other: Allow overlap individual server info refresh
  • Other: Auto detect dedicated server mode if client executable is missing
  • Other: Disable force-beta option by default (generally no longer relevant since 1.63).
  • Other: Don�t install TFR radio-sounds unless dll was changed
  • Other: Don�t process beta patch on launch
  • Other: Don�t process custom repo apps on dedicated server
  • Other: Enable hide wrong game version server filter by default
  • Other: Improved progress reporting
  • Other: Improve collection forking naming
  • Other: Improved custom repo collection header
  • Other: Hide non-favorite servers which did not receive basic info yet
  • Other: Perform client side validation before submitting forms to the server
  • Other: Treat �head-less client� as server internally. And connect to if external IP is found on system
  • Other: Respect �prefer system browser� when opening external links
  • Other: Select all text on collection share dialog text boxes for easy copy paste

1.51 BETA (July 18, 2014) build 747.3

  • Added: Collection sharing
    • Public, Unlisted and Private visibility
    • Collection list, stream and profiles on website
    • Basic collection editing controls on website
    • Short and extensive description capabilities
    • Fork existing collections, incl full track-back, or create from scratch
    • Become a creator or just subscribe to others
    • Easily share by web link and magnet link (pws://?c=ID), automatic pick-up from Server Name
    • Realtime editing and updates
  • Added: Global Back, Forward, Reload navigational buttons
  • Added: New Add Mod to multiple collections dialogs
  • Added: New �Mod in Collection� indicator and actions; Single click add/remove mods to the active collection
  • Added: Optional display of mods (and their state) within the collection directly inside the Collections tree
  • Added: Stream content selector [Switch between All, Mods, Missions and Collections]
  • Other: Improved Error handling
  • Other: Improved Integrated browser rendering performance and compatibility
  • Other: Improved Stability and reliability
  • Other: Improved Startup performance
  • Other: Improved UI responsiveness
  • Fixed: Add/Accept/Decline friendship issues
  • Fixed: Flash and WebGL rendering and clicking issues

1.50 (July 3, 2014) build 732.2

  • Added: --profile= startup parameter. e.g "--profile=My profile"
  • Added: Server query port information to Add server dialog
  • Added: Support for ARMA2 OA 1.63 patch incl launching with arma2oa_be.exe
  • Fixed: Arma1 support
  • Fixed: Condition for displaying 'Collected' icon in the library
  • Fixed: Crash on game with no path
  • Fixed: Launch as admin when mod requires it
  • Fixed: No longer show mod/synq path changed dialogs on switching profiles
  • Fixed: Pre game launch app/mod dll/userconfig processing
  • Fixed: Processing from (estimated) large to small files for improved progress experience
  • Fixed: Settings corruption dialog and recovery features
  • Fixed: Serverlist exceptions when switching games while query running
  • Fixed: Shortcut creation
  • Fixed: Subgames changed event could cause deadlock
  • Fixed: Using older mod version could get synq files removed due to keep mod versions cleanup
  • Fixed: Userconfigs not installed during install phase, but only on launch
  • Fixed: Zsync url encoding of '#' character as %23
  • Other: Changed default keep mod versions to 3
  • Other: Disabled ForceBeta option by default
  • Other: Exclude arma3 default game and dlcs from mod display
  • Other: Ignore broken packages on cleaning obsolete synq objects
  • Other: Implemented AllInArma and IronFrontArma support again
  • Other: Implemented heartbeat for Connect, showing a more accurate online status for users
  • Other: Improved A3MP support
  • Other: Improved Arma2Free fallback
  • Other: Improved Connect reconnect handling
  • Other: Improved error reporting when steam required but missing/not-detected
  • Other: Improved game launch logging
  • Other: Improved legacy settings import
  • Other: Improved merged ARMA2 CO (A2+OA) support
  • Other: Improved multi-server-query support
  • Other: Improved options menu design
  • Other: Improved prerequisite handling and recovery
  • Other: Improved pre game launch check cancellation handling
  • Other: Improved general performance, reliability and stability
  • Other: Improved server query reliability
  • Other: Improved server query field support
  • Other: Improved synq action logging
  • Other: Improved top icon borders when overlay shown
  • Other: Improved win32exception handling, like user cancelled elevation prompt
  • Other: Improved window buttons design
  • Other: Removed SixSync/Synq conversion dialogs
  • Other: Removed duplicate startup parameters between arguments and par file
  • Other: Removed forced program exit to let foreground threads complete, and exception dialogs work
  • Other: Show error when trying to launch in Steam Legacy mode while the beta mod is active
  • Other: Uninstalling a mod now removes all versions of the mod.
  • Other: Updated icons
  • Other: Use ShortId for par files, now also includes profile id

1.50 BETA (June 18, 2014) build 717.2

  • Added: Support for Game Settings profiles; Create profiles, easily switch between them. e.g gaming profile, editor profile, modding profile, server profile x, y, etc
  • Added: Support for Group management; Create groups, add/remove members
  • Added: Support for Limiting the amount of versions to keep for each mod
  • Added: Support for Multiple server query protocols per game (Steam support added to ARMA2)
  • Added: Unified notifications center
  • Other: Improved game support
  • Other: Improved library design
  • Other: Improved settings validation
  • Other: Group owner names are colored orange, your name is colored light gray
  • Other: Majorly improved social feature performance (Chats, Contact List, Notifications, etc)
  • Other: Updated Awesomium and plugins
  • Other: You can now leave groups

1.15 (March 6, 2014) build 613.1

  • Added: ACRE2 support
  • Added: Custom repo :all support for allowed mods
  • Added: Logout from website when logging out of client
  • Added: Notification when missing addons detected in-game
  • Added: Show custom mod path in mod name tooltip
  • Added: Support for enumerating and auto-enable of submodfolders
  • Added: Support for processing BIKeys in dedicated server mode
  • Fixed: Authentication support in http downloader
  • Fixed: First time run dialog title
  • Fixed: Gamespy server query when server does not require v2 protocol
  • Fixed: Mod name validation
  • Fixed: Shared folder ACL
  • Fixed: Trailing \ startup parameter issues
  • Fixed: Zsync loop detection and termination
  • Other: Disabled ProtocolPreference: RsyncOnly and ZsyncOnly (now operates the same as Prefer variants)
  • Other: Improve download/install/update task handling
  • Other: Improved main navigation buttons
  • Other: Improved read-only access denied handling
  • Other: Improved self-updater error handling
  • Other: Improved server password handling
  • Other: Made exception dialog movable
  • Other: Package format update: Contacts and Authors fields merged* Other: Removed par startup parameter field as the software already uses it internally
  • Other: Rename files to lower case on checkout
  • Other: Separate par file per game
  • Other: Warn about Synq directory may not exist within another Synq directory

1.15 BETA (February 21, 2014) build 600.6

  • Added: Create collection from server modlist contextmenu entry
  • Added: Support for using legacy steam launch to update game key and other registry info
  • Added: Support for custom repositories configuration protocols: FTP (pwsftp://), HTTPS (pwshttps://), RSYNC (pwsrsync://) and ZSYNC (pwszsync://)
  • Added: Validation support for Game Paths and Repository URLs
  • Fixed: Launching a game that has it's compatibility mode set 'Always run as Administrator'
  • Fixed: Self update loops and issues
  • Fixed: Support for A3MP ARMA2/OA island downloads
  • Fixed: User settings fallback on error
  • Other: Don't process OA Beta battleye unless beta update
  • Other: Made all game settings game-specific
  • Other: Improved empty master server list handling
  • Other: Improved error handling for mods and missions, especially for custom repositories
  • Other: Improved game settings flyout
  • Other: Improved http download and upload timeout handling
  • Other: Improved mission search and filter
  • Other: Improved transfer exception info
  • Other: Minor improved flyout designs
  • Other: Updated and improved shared tools
  • Other: Use asynchronous rsync and zsync downloads
  • Other: Use multi-protocol downloader for everything

1.14.586.2 (February 7, 2014)

  • No changes compared to 1.14.586.1 BETA

1.14.586.1 BETA (February 7, 2014)

  • Added: Current main action to the windows taskbar description
  • Added: In-Game and Online in contact list are filters now
  • Fixed: Close updater status popup after finished processing
  • Fixed: Progress indicator jumping
  • Other: Abortable mission downloads
  • Other: Active Mission block now styled similarly to Mod block
  • Other: Close Connect Profile popup after changing status, accessing profile or logging out
  • Other: Downloading server list now shows indeterminate progress bar
  • Other: Improved custom repo mission download progress reporting
  • Other: Improved global checkbox designs
  • Other: Improved first time run license dialog
  • Other: Improved server filter checkbox design
  • Other: Limited custom repo mission download retry to 15 times
  • Other: Mark private message conversations automatically as read upon opening them
  • Other: Optimized libraries initialization
  • Other: Sorted Browse mods by default by Updated Date

1.14.585.2 BETA (February 6, 2014)

  • Added: Introduction of the new design: Clean and Fresh. This is our first step into revamping the UI, trying to limit the gaps.
  • Fixed: Share content to contact would share to all contacts in list, instead of selected
  • Other: Combined share to friend and share to group as share to contact
  • Other: Improved mod install and update progress

1.14.580.4 BETA (February 1, 2014)

  • Added: Selected Mod and Mission sharing to contact list context menu
  • Other: Filter custom repo mods from Search (since such mods currently only work within their associated collections)
  • Other: Improved mod and mission sharing, added filter

1.14.579.2 BETA (January 31, 2014)

  • Added: Basic support for sharing missions and mods to friends and groups
  • Fixed: Crash on UNC mod path
  • Fixed: Server favorites when in grid mode
  • Other: Added IsRequired as default mod sorting
  • Other: Extended search fields
  • Other: Improved progress indication when loading webpages (like changelog)
  • Other: Improved server filters
  • Other: Improved server library
  • Other: Improved sort control with direction arrow
  • Other: Limit bundle/package download retries to 10
  • Other: Open withSIX links from chat into integrated browser if so configured

1.14.577.2 BETA (January 29, 2014)

  • Added: New Server Library with separate Browse, Recent, Favorites and Featured views
  • Added: Single Sign On Support - When logged into the client, you are automatically logged into the integrated web platform
  • Fixed: Catch known sources of NullReferenceExceptions in Microsoft framework
  • Fixed: Cancellation support while downloading package metadata
  • Fixed: Checksum exception raised due to mismatching directory case
  • Fixed: Incompatible server filter filtered all signature protected servers when no signatures were used
  • Fixed: Library nav bar was visible while nav was collapsed
  • Fixed: Mod desktop shortcuts with multiple actions
  • Fixed: Obscure NullReferenceException at startup, caused by swallowed LocalMachineInfo initialization error
  • Other: Improved A3MP/AllInArma Mod Library refresh behavior
  • Other: Improved listbox horizontal stretch behavior
  • Other: Improved process kill (like TeamSpeak 3 client)
  • Other: Improved server grid mode handling
  • Other: Improved server query port in use handling
  • Other: Show confirmation dialog when copying one collection content into another
  • Other: Reset server filters now resets to blank filters, instead of default filters

1.13.571.5 (January 23, 2014)

  • Added: Dialog when trying to launch newer version application when older version is already running
  • Fixed: Could end up with missing mod files when files existed before already but with different case
  • Fixed: Infinite loop when not finding the appropriate mod guid or version on a custom repository
  • Fixed: JSON Date deserialization fails on systems with UmAlQura calendar in use
  • Fixed: Non-primary game paths were not verified (e.g arma2 original for Combined Operations)
  • Fixed: Refresh sub-games info even if main game not detected
  • Fixed: SelfUpdater and Updater would close when showing a first dialog
  • Fixed: Switch to game settings when game not detected
  • Other: Improved game support levels (availability of mods, missions and servers)
  • Other: Improved pre-requisite installation and failure notice

1.13.567.5 BETA (January 19, 2014)

  • Added: Clear collection context menu entry to Collection menu
  • Added: Initial version of Playlist; a featured dynamic collection that shows exactly which mods are currently active (either because active in collection, or dependency or server required mod)
  • Added: Support for new Iron Front in Arma Community patches (1.08 game and 1.03 Dlc). For both new and existing installs
  • Other: Improved ARMA2/OA Island support for ARMA3 Map Pack

1.13.567.3 BETA (January 19, 2014)

  • Added: A3MP A2/OA islands support; like AllInArma, PwS will now deem such islands compatible to A3 if A3MP is loaded. Adding another 100 islands at your finger tips.
  • Other: Auto software updates are now less obtrusive; they don't show a dialog by default anymore but will install on next start, or when you manually select to install it. Optionally you can enable the dialog again.
  • Other: Check for new software updates automatically every 20 minutes, so you are made aware of new updates even if you have the program running for a long time
  • Other: Enabled more Featured mods

1.12.563.6 (January 15, 2014)

  • Added: Dynamic mod and mission collection with available 'Updates'
  • Fixed: Migration game null path check
  • Fixed: Sort customization reliability
  • Fixed: Zsync http download fallback failure on certain download types
  • Other: Changed IsRequired from required to user selectable sort order
  • Other: Dropped old and deprecated missions support
  • Other: Gray collection status icon when mods are not installed
  • Other: Improved detection of unsupported situation (new Play withSIX installed where old 1.3 files are still located)
  • Other: Minor alignment improvements
  • Other: Separated dynamic collections when available, from the rest by a line

1.12.562.9 RC (January 14, 2014)

  • Added: Add to / remove from collection context menu entries for mods
  • Added: Hidden support for custom repo servers and apps
  • Added: Support for copying collection content into another collection (drag and drop in collection tree)
  • Added: Support for new Iron Front in Arma Community patches (1.07 game and 1.02 Dlc). For both new and existing installs
  • Added: Support for force_mod_update custom repo server setting (hides Play without update, and notifies on Join server without update)
  • Added: Support for force_server_name custom repo server setting
  • Fixed: Custom repo mod author support
  • Fixed: Custom repo mod categories support
  • Fixed: Custom repo mpmission downloads
  • Fixed: Do not process server mods reported by serverquery when using a custom repository, with no sixmodlist/modlist specified
  • Fixed: Mod info URL handling for custom repo mods and local mods
  • Fixed: Official network sixsync mod urls
  • Fixed: Updater service was unable to process compressed userconfigs
  • Other: Added custom repo app type name (e.g Teamspeak3) to extra action button entries
  • Other: Always sort on default columns like IsFavorite, then on user defined sorting
  • Other: Enabled Player name search again for DayZ Standalone
  • Other: Handle cygwin path conversion for zsync
  • Other: Improved add to / remove from collection
  • Other: Improved add to / remove from collection messages
  • Other: Improved extra action button behavior
  • Other: Improved migration dialog texts
  • Other: Improved synq mod processing status text (shows amount of mods processing)
  • Other: Improved readonly file handling
  • Other: Improved zsync loop detection
  • Other: Reimplemented full transfer fallback on failure of processing sixsync mod repository the first time
  • Other: Reverted refresh custom repo info each time when activating the window
  • Other: Use actual 'copy' and 'move' button titles on migration dialogs

1.11.560.1 BETA (January 12, 2014)

  • Added: Closed custom repo collection support. Default enabled. Repo admin can add :open: 1 to the server.yml to allow adding mods again
  • Added: Fallback to withSIX-Updater when elevated service fails operation
  • Added: New unsupported notification when using old 1.3 dlls in the same folder as the withSIX-Play.exe
  • Added: Save and Restore last used server/mission per modset
  • Added: Support for pws:// server yml urls in Server names; if user tries to join such server he is asked if he wants to use the repo, with options; yes / no / cancel
  • Fixed: Change mod version capability in mods inside collections
  • Fixed: Conversion message omitted the actual folders
  • Fixed: Could change the custom repository name
  • Fixed: Custommodset info not refreshing
  • Fixed: Custom repo mission downloads
  • Fixed: Elevated service issues (activated when we update shared files later on)
  • Fixed: Lock ups when rapidly changing server filters, especially while syncing servers
  • Fixed: Mod load order was not following custom repo required mods order
  • Fixed: Mod signature enumeration.
  • Fixed: Mod sort order should first sort on Favorite status
  • Fixed: processing state was not shown while fetching custom repo info
  • Fixed: pws:// url ?action=install and join fixes
  • Fixed: Server signature enumeration.
  • Fixed: Signature vs modded filter. (Split now)
  • Fixed: TaskBar progressbar
  • Fixed: Url escaping
  • Fixed: Window width not restored on startup
  • Other: Disabled elevated game launch via service for now
  • Other: Fill empty custom repo mod data with official network data (categories, images, description, full name, cpp name)
  • Other: Improved consistency when processing the active collection
  • Other: Improved custom repo action handling
  • Other: Improved custom repo modset game detection
  • Other: Improved Library header, active item display and left column width
  • Other: Improved message when trying to add mod to custom repo modset that is closed
  • Other: Improved mission downloads now use multi-mirror queue downloader like mods
  • Other: Improved server filter reliability and stability (prevent locking UI)
  • Other: Improved settings fallback
  • Other: Improved uri handling
  • Other: Moved the debug log to appropriate folder
  • Other: Open application folder in explorer after showing notice about unsupported setup (new withSIX-Play.exe in the same folder as old 1.3 dlls)
  • Other: Refresh all collections when performing update actions, or when activating window
  • Other: Updated SIX shared files (fixes elevated service issues)
  • Other: Updated SIX tools

1.10.555.5 (January 7, 2014)

  • Fixed: Mission game slug determination
  • Fixed: Missions locked automatically to initially installed version instead of 'latest'
  • Fixed: Regular http timeout issues
  • Other: Display optional custom repo mods in collections (disabled state by default, unless the mod is also listed as required mod)
  • Other: Improved mod categories for local and custom repo mods
  • Other: Improved mirror queue handling
  • Other: Mission folders located in game folder ACLs updated to install missions without elevation

1.10.554.10 BETA (January 6, 2014)

  • Added: ARMA2, IronFront and Take On Helicopters Mission download support
  • Added: Progress reporting during Copy/Move of existing mods from game to mod installation path
  • Added: Progress reporting during Iron Front conversion
  • Added: Progress reporting during ServerMods migration
  • Added: Radio buttons to Games, Missions and Servers to allow for single-click activate item again
  • Fixed: Crash opportunity on explore online empty category
  • Fixed: Opportunity to initialize the traynotify icon on the wrong thread
  • Fixed: Premature http/ftp download abortion
  • Other: Improved progress % color
  • Other: When using custom repo, hide all servers except the one associated with the active collection

1.10.553.7 BETA (January 5, 2014)

  • Added: ARMA2, IronFront and Take On Helicopters Mission publishing support
  • Added: Info button Mod categories to browse them online
  • Added: Info notice when existing mods found in game folder, to copy or move these first
  • Added: Info notice when mods are going to be converted instead of redownloaded
  • Added: Option to toggle Categories
  • Added: Steam master serverquery cache support
  • Added: Support to toggle mods on/off within collection, except required mods (locked)
  • Fixed: ARMA3 Hide -> Modded server filter
  • Fixed: Catch error on invalid Internet check state
  • Fixed: CEP detection issue
  • Fixed: DayZ SA support url
  • Fixed: Default server filters (Hide -> Modded and Locked)
  • Fixed: Opening certain external links in system browser
  • Fixed: Tools support for Windows 32-bit
  • Other: Close Connect on logout
  • Other: Improved checkboxes
  • Other: Imrpoved free space handling
  • Other: Improved handling when NAT port in use
  • Other: Improved IFA installation support
  • Other: Improved mod library mods location (Renamed from 'SIX Networks' to 'Browse', and now located at the top)
  • Other: Improved overall server stats handling
  • Other: Latest news text button on the top now leads directly to that news item
  • Other: Show grouping/categorization counts
  • Other: Use browser for mod licenses instead of html2xaml conversion
  • Other: Updated tools

1.9.546.12 (December 29, 2013)

  • Added: IronFront ARMA2 and ARMA3 installation/patching support
  • Added: IronFront ARMA2 and ARMA3 loading support
  • Added: Prefer System Browser setting for opening Mod/Mission info into system browser instead of integrated
  • Added: Support for alternative steam library locations
  • Fixed: Loading modfolders with just dlls (like official oa beta patch)
  • Fixed: Login issues
  • Fixed: Missing margin on mod name when no large image available
  • Fixed: Support for Take on Mars
  • Other: Improved integration of Connect and Play web elements

1.9.541.2 (December 24, 2013)

  • No changes compared to 1.9.540.3 BETA

1.9.540.3 BETA (December 23, 2013)

  • Added: DayZ Standalone support
  • Added: Easy access to mod update/additions, and mission publishing
  • Added: Take on Mars support
  • Added: withSIX web integration; replacing IE component with webkit
  • Fixed: Custom repo with authentication
  • Other: Activate main window after closing login/register popup
  • Other: Connect and Controller are now less wide
  • Other: Connect profile now opens system browser
  • Other: Content logos are now clickable, invokes Show Info action
  • Other: Collapsed expanders are now gray instead of blue
  • Other: Home icon blue now when on start page
  • Other: Improved image cache querystring handling
  • Other: Improved window aspect handling
  • Other: Libraries now indicate they are loading
  • Other: Moved Connect module to the right side
  • Other: PwS urls are added to url white list filter
  • Other: Reduced size of login/register popup
  • Other: Reversed opacity rules for buttons/text
  • Other: Server browser now also requires double click to activate server, just like all other browsers

1.9.528.2 BETA (December 11, 2013)

  • Added: New downloader; improved download performance, handling and recovery
  • Fixed: AddBuddy failure displays class name instead of buddy name
  • Fixed: Locked package version icon was displayed when not relevant
  • Fixed: Window glow stuck on minimize to tray and back
  • Other: Game engine support for mods changed, "Min" variants now denote >=
  • Other: Collapsed Not Installed games by default
  • Other: Improved AddBuddy reliability
  • Other: Improved grouping style
  • Other: Improved handling of base api down
  • Other: Improved memory usage slightly
  • Other: Improved startup performance
  • Other: On exit only kill owned rsync/zsync processes, instead of any

1.8.522.9 (December 5, 2013)

  • No changes

1.8.522.8 BETA (December 5, 2013)

  • Added: Get/Refresh mission info button
  • Added: Installed missions count
  • Added: Persistent preferred mod and mission version (able to lock to desired version)
  • Added: Remember last active mission, similar to last active collection
  • Added: Satellite dll validity check and recovery
  • Fixed: Auto self update
  • Fixed: Multiple mod installation requests can overlap eachother and cause errors
  • Fixed: Server info refresh button
  • Other: Blue progress bars
  • Other: Improved consistency of rendering of content (games/mods/missions)
  • Other: Improved mission publishing error handling
  • Other: Improved mission selection when using external pws:// url
  • Other: Improved offline-mode behavior
  • Other: Local mission folders in library now auto refresh their content
  • Other: VersionInfo is now stored in Local AppData location

1.8.518.4 BETA (December 1, 2013)

  • Added: Custom local mission folder support
  • Added: Group avatars
  • Added: Launch mission support (SP: Direct, MP: Launch to Host)
  • Added: Launch mission to editor support (with @@SIX_Play_A3 mission editor extension)
  • Added: Main action button mission support
  • Added: Mission dependency support
  • Added: Mission folder packaging support
  • Added: Mission publishing support
  • Added: Play without update
  • Added: pws:// mission_package url support
  • Added: Task Force Radio TS3 plugin installation support
  • Fixed: ARMA3 previous engine mod types support (Rv1-3)
  • Fixed: De-ponified component licenses
  • Fixed: Duplicate exception logging
  • Fixed: Missing mod drive exception
  • Fixed: Old client settings migration due to new content api storage format
  • Fixed: pws:// special characters in parameters support
  • Fixed: Startup info log entry
  • Fixed: UAC / Admin rights determination, especially when using built-in Administrator account
  • Other: Consolidated app satellite version registry
  • Other: Extended synq mirror list for improved redundancy and performance
  • Other: Improved exception formatting
  • Other: Improved mod and mission item visuals
  • Other: Improved old client settings migration
  • Other: Improved save-locking
  • Other: The settings configuration file is now versioned to improve settings reliability and multiple program version support and fallback

1.6.495.2 (November 8, 2013)

  • No changes

1.6.493.6 BETA (November 6, 2013)

  • Added: First time run license dialog
  • Added: Support for Windows JumpList on TaskBar and Recent list in TrayIcon
  • Fixed: CustomRepo url handling
  • Fixed: Latest package version handling
  • Fixed: Min/Max build handling
  • Fixed: Package mirror fallback when metadata retrieval fails
  • Fixed: Players on Servers shown
  • Fixed: Removing collection
  • Other: Auto-increment package version
  • Other: Borderless dialogs are now movable
  • Other: Improved Connect design/styling
  • Other: Improved repository initialization verification
  • Other: Improved transfer robustness
  • Other: Removed non functional Steam friend integration (October 18, 2013)

  • No changes BETA (October 18, 2013)

  • Fixed: UI hanging shortly while opening a private chat
  • Other: Disabled global chat loading and notifications until the chat is activated at least once since startup
  • Other: Improved context menu handling of async tasks BETA (October 17, 2013)

  • Fixed: Settings and SyncData could be reset because of special characters
  • Other: Improved buddy and chat notifications
  • Other: Improved context menu
  • Other: Prevent multiple migrations of the same old data BETA (October 16, 2013)

  • Added: ARMA3 startup parameter 'nologs'
  • Added: Notification when first new private message received in conversation
  • Added: Option to close open overlay first when clicking close button on window
  • Added: Option to warn on closing the application with overlay open
  • Added: Show Updated At for mods in the library when they have updates, and in info overlay
  • Fixed: Buddy name display when joining server
  • Fixed: More info dialog jumps around
  • Fixed: Visit buddy profile error
  • Other: API Key is now encrypted with Windows DPAPI and no longer portable
  • Other: Give option to fallback to direct updater usage when service fails
  • Other: Improved chat handling
  • Other: Improved menus and context menus theming
  • Other: New and improved icons
  • Other: Only escape arguments when needed
  • Other: Re-enabled chat notifications
  • Other: Re-enabled join buddy on server action
  • Other: Removed Exit from the Tools menu (ctrl+click remains for when close-to-tray is enabled)
  • Other: Reset buddy private message unread count upon sending private message to him
  • Other: Select ARMA2CO as default game instead of ARMA1 (October 14, 2013)

  • No changes BETA(October 14, 2013)

  • Added: 'View conversation online' buddy context menu entry
  • Other: Enabled add buddy 'request pending' and 'already buddy' states again
  • Other: Enabled buddy server processing again
  • Other: Improved caching of API records BETA (October 13, 2013)

  • Fixed: 1.3 upgrade loop
  • Fixed: Own chat messages should have gray username
  • Other: Improved 1.3 upgrade with desktop shortcut
  • Other: Improved contact list chat button and unread count handling
  • Other: Imrpoved contact list context menus BETA (October 13, 2013)

  • Added: Support to install/update Play withSIX in Program files incl shortcuts, and to Uninstall the old Play withSIX 1.3 and older
  • Fixed: AllInArma was not loaded after all custom mods
  • Fixed: Collection Desktop shortcuts
  • Fixed: Contact filter
  • Fixed: Possible workaround for zsync process killed due to 5 minute inactivity (dayz_epoch etc)
  • Fixed: Removing collections
  • Other: Exit in tools menu now split from the rest
  • Other: Improved mission context menus
  • Other: Post summary previews are now parsed to plain text
  • Other: Removed duplicate library search results BETA (October 12, 2013)

  • Added: Ability to exit application anyway when Close to Tray is enabled, from Tools menu or by holding ctrl+click on window close button
  • Added: Private message counts
  • Added: Support for the new web platform and API
  • Fixed: Bundle and Package version constraints could not handle multi digit first version number
  • Fixed: Only show latest news when right module is enabled
  • Other: Disabled diagnose on local mods
  • Other: Improved custom repository error handling and indication
  • Other: Improved group and private chats; private chats are connected to private messaging system on the website
  • Other: Improved import of old PwS settings, custom modsets and repositories
  • Other: Improved smart date time
  • Other: Improved startup error messages
  • Other: Major overhaul of settings failure and recovery handling, makes backup now and informs user about issues
  • Other: Show summary on blog post tooltips BETA (October 6, 2013)

  • Added: Basic indicator for mods that are in the currently active collection ('i')
  • Added: Local missions containers for game and user folder
  • Added: "Use x" context menu options, to activate an item
  • Fixed: Able to end up with no game selected
  • Fixed: Could seemingly add mod that already exists in the set, even though it was already in
  • Fixed: Crash opportunity due to null lists
  • Fixed: Error opportunity due to wrong custom repo url
  • Fixed: Mod update info in omni button tooltip was not refreshed when switching to not installed game
  • Fixed: Official server support for supported mods
  • Fixed: Running game buttons would sometimes not work properly
  • Fixed: Single mods did not get their icon shown in the mod info block
  • Fixed: Switching back and forth between mod versions (of e.g beta_oa) because dependencies did not try to use the latest 'stable' version
  • Other: Added "Enable Beta updates" option to the Check for Updates page (duplicated from settings)
  • Other: Disabled menu for AllInArma built-in container
  • Other: Disconnected game selection from activation (double click activates a game, just like in the libraries)
  • Other: Improved 'latest package/bundle' selection when no version or branch specified
  • Other: Improved UI consistency when switching between games
  • Other: Improved mod update status in omni button tooltip
  • Other: Improved startup parameter handling
  • Other: Replaced Official Server text marker with icon
  • Other: Refresh startup parameter info on Game Info overlay when changes occur BETA (October 5, 2013)

  • Added: First class local mods support for AllInArma
  • Fixed: Custom collection local mods
  • Fixed: Local mods sometimes didn't load
  • Fixed: Selected mission button bar
  • Fixed: Server list not refreshing when selecting another game
  • Other: Improved alignment of buttons (solves (in)visible additional button click areas)
  • Other: Improved context menu entry naming
  • Other: Improved startup parameters in Game Info overlay
  • Other: Remove "Update installed" button when clicked, or otherwise opened Check for Updates overlay BETA (October 3, 2013)

  • Added: 'Incompatible' mod state
  • Added: Latest post/mod update
  • Added: Security status tooltip to Status bar
  • Added: Offline state shown in status bar at bottom
  • Added: Prepared Mission Library, missions are currently grouped by game mode
  • Added: Stats/texts of Mods, Missions and Servers blocks, and improved colors, especially when nothing selected; showing total available items, installed items, and for servers e.g numplayers
  • Other: Default behavior of minimize button is now minimize to taskbar, close button is minimize to tray. Shows popup in tray to inform the user about this. Disabling the tray icon, or disabling 'close to tray' prevents this
  • Other: Enhanced collection name editor, now supports ENTER/Escape to quit editing name
  • Other: Improved AllInArma support
  • Other: Improved exception when can't launch because shared files missing
  • Other: Improved library navigation headers
  • Other: Improved new collection naming
  • Other: Improved Offline mode support when Windows did not detect that the internet connection is actualluy down.
  • Other: Improved UAC checks
  • Other: No longer see "Add to collection" button if mod is already part of the collection
  • Other: Some performance enhancements
  • Other: Synq indexes are now sorted alphabetically
  • Other: ToolTips with 'full text' only shown if the textblock is actually trimmed ('some long text w...')
  • Other: User is presented with dialog when no sync with the API has ever completed (October 1, 2013)

  • No changes BETA (October 1, 2013)

  • Added: Additional library filter fields (author, min and max size)
  • Added: "Move" menu entry to Local Mods section
  • Fixed: Filtering search results showed wrong count for 'out of x total results'
  • Fixed: Recovery when version data of SIX tools is corrupted
  • Fixed: Updating shared files could cause file in use error
  • Other: Improved context sensitive menus
  • Other: Improved exception dialog max height
  • Other: Improved indent of repositories with children under Online section of library
  • Other: Improved library search accuracy of recently added/removed items
  • Other: Improved library search performance
  • Other: Improved REST exception message BETA (October 1, 2013)

  • Added: Dialog when trying to remove mod that is required or add one that is already in
  • Fixed: Additional mods handling
  • Fixed: Clear in recent list was lacking label in production
  • Other: Activate collection after cloning
  • Other: Improved timer disposal
  • Other: Improved server down handling BETA (September 30, 2013)

  • Added: Ability to clear Recent list in library
  • Added: UAC check for mod and synq path
  • Fixed: Could add the same mod from different sources multiple times to collection
  • Fixed: Custom repository name handling
  • Fixed: Custom repository url handling
  • Fixed: Local mods disappear from collection when switching games
  • Fixed: Mod update progress only visible for first mod that is being processed
  • Other: Disable deselect buttons in controller when no context
  • Other: Improved library navigation item selection (e.g when searching, or initially)
  • Other: Improved server filters
  • Other: Selecting a chat message removes unread status
  • Other: Show the url of custom repo yml file on failure BETA (September 29, 2013)

  • Added: ARMA1 and AllInArma ARMA1 support
  • Fixed: Blue text becoming unreadable in Connect module when selecting an element (e.g chatmessage or group)
  • Fixed: Modset filtering in library (Featured and Favorites etc)
  • Fixed: Possible null exception in free space check
  • Fixed: Search library item remained selected even after clearing search
  • Fixed: Uninstall on modset throws exception
  • Fixed: Unpack of gzip object containing a rar file, fixes @@rkt_f4 installation
  • Other: Chat message nickname is now gray when its your own message
  • Other: Improved robust-ness of Synq package, bundle, config and remote json handling
  • Other: Improved server mods migration dialog message
  • Other: Show 'filtered out of #' behind results in library when filtered BETA (September 28, 2013)

  • Fixed: Custom local mod folders
  • Fixed: Search results all appeared to be part of the currently active library item
  • Other: AllInArma is now featured in ARMA 3
  • Other: Default mod folders like 'Expansion' are now filtered from local mods
  • Other: Default startup module is now Game Browser to assist new users in finding their desired games
  • Other: Improved delete/remove naming consistency
  • Other: Search is now no longer overlayed but a part of the Library built in section BETA (September 27, 2013)

  • Fixed: Duplicate repo when deleting and re-adding it within the same session
  • Other: Improved custom repo image handling
  • Other: Improved initial (and on refresh) library item selection BETA (September 26, 2013)

  • Fixed: Lack of visual content in custom repo modset on import from pws url
  • Fixed: LocalMod update state
  • Fixed: Search result item context menu
  • Fixed: Server context menu exception opportunity
  • Other: Improved reliability
  • Other: Improved refresh of available mods when switching to or from a set with AllInArma
  • Other: Improved refresh of available mods when adding or removing AllInArma from current set (September 26, 2013)

  • Fixed: Last modset selection forgotten when switching games
  • Fixed: Offline mode
  • Fixed: No game found - click here to configure caused unwanted action to occur when switching to installed game
  • Fixed: Situation where invalid versioninfo data would cause exception
  • Other: Improved collection name editing
  • Other: Improved handling of mission task cancelled exception
  • Other: Improved initialization performance and reliability
  • Other: Improved mission search field
  • Other: Improved naming consistency
  • Other: Improved selected mission block