Custom repositories


Be sure to check out the brand new Collection sharing; a replacement to basic custom repositories, and a supplement to privately hosted content.

Let us know your needs and thoughts!

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Older documentation for SIX Updater

Important Note

Hosting content like missions and mods on a repository is optional, any mod you specify as required or optional for a server will first be searched for on your repo, then on the official network, and then on the user’s harddrive.

Repo management / Hosting

This still needs to be done with SIX Updater until we complete the new Repo Manager.

After launching SIX Updater, make sure Advanced Mode is enabled, then open the Repo Manager.

New fields

Image size: 40x40px, Large: 232x112px. Most image formats are supported, if windows / internet explorer can render it, big chance pws can too. We recommend PNG though.


:image: http://url/to/image.png
:image_large: http://url/to/image_full.png
:name: “Name of repository”


:hidden: true


:image: http://url/to/image.png
:image_large: http://url/to/image_full.png
:game: 9DE199E3-7342-4495-AD18-195CF264BA5B
:open: true
:hidden: true
:force_mod_update: true

Config.yml images are used by default, and used as fallback if there’s none specified for server. By specifying :open: true, you allow users to add mods freely to the custom modset associated with that server.


@modfolder\userconfig\*.* ends up in game\userconfig\modfolder\*.*

So the files must exist directly in @modfolder\userconfig, not a subfolder

@modfolder\store\userconfig.tar is unpacked to: game\

So you must include the full structure of userconfig\modfolder\*.* inside the archive.

Client support

Url handler


For more detailed information about the URL handler, please check the Startup parameters documentation.

Windows SomeFileName.url (Redistributable!)

File content:


General info

Mod types

(St = Standalone)

  • Rv
  • Rv2
  • Rv3
  • Rv4
  • Arma2 - Whole arma 2 family
  • Arma2St
  • Arma2Ca - Requires arma2 original files, either arma2st or arma2oaco
  • Arma2Oa - Whole arma 2 oa family
  • Arma2OaSt
  • Arma2OaCo - Combined Ops
  • Takeonh
  • TakeonhSt
  • IronFront
  • IronFrontSt
  • Dayz
  • DayzSt
  • Arma3
  • Arma3St
  • CarrierCommand
  • CarrierCommandSt


If error occurs when importing pws:// link, it is possible the yml file format is not strict enough (perhaps hand written), in this case, best load the repository into SU Repo Manager, and Save it again. This should make the format more strict yaml that is accepted by the .NET yaml parser.


How to get ARMA 3 mods to show up in the repo manager?

The list of mods in the repo manager is based on your active Preset, if you switch the active preset to ARMA 3 you should find ARMA 3 mods in the repo manager.