Shared Collections

With shared collections you can easily share your experience with other people.

Check the Share your experience blog post for an introduction.


Each Collection, like each Mod and Mission, has a Profile page on the site, and depending on the Visibility Scope, you can control the access and findability of the Collection.

Visibility scopes


Anyone is able to find and play your Collection.


Only people who know the exact link to your Collection are able to play your Collection.


Only you are able to access and play your Collection. This is like a cloud backup solution, also making it easy to use your collection on various computers.

We are working on Private Group access

You can easily direct share your collection sharing links to your friends




For more detailed information about the URL handler, please check the Startup parameters documentation.

If you add such pws collection link to your server name, it will be automatically picked up by the client when a user joins your server using the client!

Version locking

It is possible to lock the Mods to a specific Version within the Collection. This way you are assured of that everyone using the Collection will be using the same mod versions and do not run into weird unforeseen compatibility issues. This is especially useful to communities.

Custom repositories

Shared Collections can be used a replacement to basic Custom Repositories when only used with mods from the official withSIX network.

However it is also possible to attach custom repositories with privately hosted content to your shared collection.

Upgrade an existing Custom repository Collection to a Shared Collection

If you already have a custom repository collection, you can easily upgrade it to a Shared Collection by the usual procedure to publish a collection: Click the 'Upload' button in the Collection header, and follow the instructions.

Adding or Modifying custom repository info

Coming soon!


Publish a Collection

  1. Open the client and navigate to the Collection
  2. Click on the 'Upload' button in the Collection header
  3. Follow the instructions

Share a Collection

You can point anyone to your collection by either linking to the Collection Profile on our website, or by using the pws://?c=... short URL, as described in sections above.

withSIX friends

Right click the Collection and choose 'Share with Contacts'

You can add the pws://?c= Collection url into your Server name, and it will be automatically picked up by the client.