Startup Parameters

Url handler


e.g to access a custom repository server: pws://url/to/server.yml several protocols are supported, including: pwshttp, pwshttps, pwsftp. The default is http. For more info about custom repositories, check the Custom repository documentation.

Optional Parameters

These work as QueryString (?param=value&param2=value2 etc)

  • game={gameId}
  • modset={collectionId}
  • mod={modId}
  • mission={missionId}
  • c={collectionShortId}
  • ts3={teamspeakServerAddress}
  • action=action1(,action2...) e.g action=update,join

Available actions

  • join: join selected server
  • play (or launch): launch the game into main menu
  • update: perform update tasks when require
  • apps: process server apps like teamspeak3
  • shutdown: Kills PwS after its done
Game Ids
  • Arma 3: 9DE199E3-7342-4495-AD18-195CF264BA5B
  • Arma 2 CO: 1947DE55-44ED-4D92-A62F-26CFBE48258B



This will store the configuration data in a folder named 'Data', next to where-ever the executable lives


Enable additional diagnostic logging, especially useful to track download issues, usually should be enabled when you send logs to Support


Automatically skip and ignore any error dialogs


Automatically answer 'Yes' to any confirmation dialog


Have the built-in SignalR and REST API server listen on public interface instead of local loopback