Get Started

  1. Download and start mods in Play withSIX

  2. Select your game

  3. Select a mod, a modset or leave the field blank to play vanilla
  4. Choose a server or select Single player
  5. Click the Action button, to Install, update and play

  6. Play user made missions withSIX

  7. Go to

    • Choose from a variety of custom missions
    • Download directly from the website into Play withSIX
    • Start Play withSIX, select the downloaded mission and play
  8. Publish content withSIX

  9. Go to the Getting Started publishing guide Checkout the guides on the right for more!



Third Party

How I play withSIX


  • Playing new Single player Scenarios withSIX

    For playing the latest Scenario I simply go to, browse for the mission that interests me the most, click on download and play does the rest. All I have to do is launch the game withSIX and the mission is ready to play in the Scenario section of ArmA III.

  • Play withSIX with my buddies.

    To play with my buddies, I have created an Account on connect.withSIX and connected to all my friends. Whenever they play, I can simply join them on any server, by clicking on their profile with the right mouse and join.

  • Play withSIX as a community

    Our community has it’s own custom repository with private mods. All I have to do is copy the YML link into Play withSIX and I get all the latest modsets, including servers, always ready to play into my play.withSIX client. The profile updates automatically so I don’t have to worry about newly added mods or any incompatibilities.

  • Creating my own mod collection withSIX

    In order to create my own mod collection, I open the Play withSIX client and click on the mod selection Tab within the navigation bar. Now I am able to select from a huge pool the modifications I like. Play automatically starts a new custom collection for me if I have not already preselected one. Once I finished adding all the custom content I like, I click on the modset to name it and on the action button to install and then play my new collection