The graphical corruption includes:

  • Black stripes

  • Black screen

These utilities include (but not limited to)

  • DXTory

  • Game Booster

  • HiddenGearz

  • RadLinker

  • TeamSpeak3 Overlay (older versions only)

This is a known issue.

Other utilities with the same issues:

  • Advanced System Care (6)

  • Play Claw

  • Radeon pro

There are several workarounds

We are looking into a fix, although i'm afraid we will only be able to notify the user of the problem and the possible workarounds.


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Because the software uses rsync and zsync technology to perform differential updates, it can be more complex to get it working properly especially due to security measures provided by some of the security suites and network hardware out there.

Please read below for the most common issues and possible resolutions and workarounds.

Most common reasons for connection issues or unhandled exceptions

  1. Outdated security suite software

  2. Missing or wrong security suite configuration

  3. Outdated modem/router firmware

  4. Missing or wrong modem/router configuration

  5. Missing windows updates (e.g for .NET or general system)

  6. Broken or Malicious DNS servers in use

  7. Bad connection (cable/wifi etc)

  8. Proxy server is required, or interfering (e.g caching responses, rewriting responses, status codes, etc) Refer to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for more info

  9. Permission/Elevation problem, possibly Run As Administrator required

  10. Software bug

Security suites with reported issues so far

  • E-Set Smart security

  • E-Set NOD-32

  • BitDefender

  • Kaspersky


  • Please, always make sure you install all Windows Updates, and restart when asked

  • Upgrade to the latest version of the security suite - e.g usually a simple update procedure, sometimes need to obtain the latest suite. refer to your security suite vendor for documentation, support, etc

  • Exclude the Play withSIX executables from security suite (Firewall, antivirus, other protections),
    located in the installation folder (Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\SIX Networks\Play withSIX)

  • Exclude the SIX Tools executables from security suite (Firewall, antivirus, other protections),
    located in the application folder (Default: C:\users{your username}\appdata\local\Play withSIX\tools)
    Specifically all files under the cygwin and mingw directories
    (These are only available once you the Tools are installed by using Play withSIX)

  • Make sure Windows explorer and other applications do not have any files or folders in use
  • If you use a Proxy, try connecting without the Proxy instead. Or, if you MUST use a proxy, try configuring the Proxy settings in Play withSIX)
  • Try to change your network settings, DNS Settings, to e.g use Google's public DNS service:
  • Upgrade your modem/router firmware


  • Permissions could be a problem. Try running Play withSIX by right click -> Run as Administrator

  • You can try lowering the "Max Transfer threads" Setting to 1

  • You can try changing the "Protocol preference" Setting to either ZsyncOnly, or RsyncOnly (test which one works for you) This however limits the mirror pool, and is only recommended incase you run into compatibility issues e.g with your Security suite

  • Uninstall your security suite. We realize this is not very nice, but I'm afraid this is out of our control. You could at least backup your settings, and try to uninstall the security suite, to find out if it is the problem here. Only disabling the security suite, often does not help!
    See the following links for reference: and:

Still issues?
If still issues, please send the log files for analysis.
These should help us to quickly determine what is the problem, and come up with a possible resolution.